Why write a life story?

Many of us regret not knowing more about our parents and grandparents – their lives, loves and losses. Photographs are fine while you’re still around to explain who’s in your precious pictures, but what will they mean to future generations?

Writing your stories down brings your memories to life. You might not have been famous, adventurous or influential but your family and friends will find your story as interesting as any celebrity autobiography.

Your life story is a celebration of a lifetime’s memories – reflecting on experiences, lessons learned, successes and failures – it’s a personal legacy. A life story book creates a lasting family heirloom; it can heal past wounds and help your grandchildren and future generations get to know you better.


The process can be challenging, sometimes quite emotional, and ultimately hugely satisfying. But if it seems too daunting, here’s where I can help. I’ll document your life by recording your memories, editing, designing and printing your story in a professional book for your family and friends to cherish.

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